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Lockdown Doesn’t Mean The End Of Your Fitness Goals

We believe there’s so much more to having a great body than just lifting weights in the gym. Let’s work together to improve your body, health and fitness – even if the gyms are closed!

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Introducing The Bodies By Moose Academy

The vision when we created the Bodies By Moose Academy was to arm people with the knowledge and understanding they needed to train, eat and live for their best physique possible – without it feeling like it was taking over their life.

In my 7 years working with clients 1-1, one of the common themes I noticed was that most people don’t need to commit a lot more time to their training or nutrition efforts, they just need to push their efforts in a slightly different direction.

That comes with guidance, and working with thousands of people over the years I’ve discovered the key principles that we need to guide us to creating a fantastic physique – in the areas of training, nutrition and lifestyle.

Here in the Bodies By Moose Academy we teach you the exact principles you need to follow to create an incredible physique. We literally layer everything step by step from the absolute basics to the more advanced techniques and principles to clear up the confusion and help you transform your physique.

With over 15 hours of video training on training and nutrition alone, you’ll have the certainty you need to progress with your body goals and keep progressing long into the future. Not only this, but you’ll also have access to our 3 precision workout programs, all crafted according to your exact experience level and training goals.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also give you unlimited access to our exercise execution database, which has more than 150 exercise videos to help you nail the form on every movement you do – whether you’re training in the gym or at home.

We’ll also give you access to our all new monthly masterclasses, where we’ll be giving you a deep dive on a new topic every single month. We’ll be covering everything from motivation to sleep to specific muscle building masterclasses – like chest building month or glute building month!

By now I think you’ll be able to see just how much value is packed into the Bodies By Moose Academy. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping you build an incredible body, lose fat, improve your health & fitness and smash your goals. The only thing left to talk about is price.

We normally charge the already low price of £19.99 per month for EVERYTHING in the site, but due to the unprecedented circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re slashing our prices down to £14.99 per month for the foreseeable future.

Now more than ever, we need to support each other in improving our health and fitness – and this is our way of doing so.

So if you like what you’re seeing and you’re ready to jump on board, hit the join button below and I’ll see you on the inside.


(The Moose!)

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Ready to dive in and start building more muscle than you’ve ever built before in less time? Choose your option below and get instant access to everything inside The Bodies By Moose Academy:

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Curious about what’s included in your membership when you sign up to the Bodies By Moose Academy?

Check out the virtual tour and see for yourself!

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Everything You Need To Build An Incredible Physique – All In One Place

The Bodies By Moose Academy has been designed with you in mind.

We have an incredible amount of coaching, training, tips, advice and resources to take you from “gym newbie” to “training master” in weeks.

Not only this but with our exclusive Community Section we’ll support you every step of the way to make sure you build a ton of muscle as quickly as possible.

Inside The Academy You’ll Get…

The Training Course

The training course is one of our cornerstone pieces of content here in the Bodies By Moose Academy. Originally starting life as a course called “Training Mastery”, that’s exactly what the course teaches. The aim is to take someone from an absolute beginner who knows nothing about the world of training for a great physique, all the way through to a fully fledged Training Master. Our 5 powerful modules teach you everything from how to perform movements, to what training program to follow, how to increase strength, when to add cardio & how to avoid injuries. If you’re interested in building muscle, this is your first stop.

The Nutrition Course

The Nutrition Course is another of our cornerstone pieces of content here in the Academy. The idea for this course was to give you the absolute basics of nutrition, clear up all the myths & confusion that cloud the fitness & diet spaces and empower you with the knowledge & certainty of how to set up a diet plan for maximum muscle gain (and fat loss!). If you’re confused about what kind of foods to eat, the timings of food, how much you should eat or anything else nutrition related for building muscle, this is the course for you.


The Monthly Masterclasses

In this section we’ll be bringing you new, deep dive content on one specific topic every month. Whereas our courses cover the basics of all training and nutrition, these masterclasses will give you a much deeper level of insight into each topic being covered, one at a time.

The Exercise Database

Our Exercise Database has over 120 exercise videos, complete with extensive coaching on every single one so you’re never confused about how to perform a movement ever again. All our videos are segmented by muscle group so you can look up an exercise quickly & easily, or you can check out some new exercises to add to your programming!

The Workout Library

The workout library is a massive bank of workouts that we add to every single week! At the time of writing we have over 40 stand alone workout plans – both gym workouts and home workouts – so you’re never wandering around the gym wondering what you should do next. All of our workouts have downloadable PDF workout plans so you can print off or download your workout plan on your phone, as well as video coaching for every single workout so you get the most out of your gym sessions!

The Community section is our member’s hub – here you’ll be able to connect with other Academy members, ask questions, attend live monthly coaching calls and get access to exclusive member only bonus content!

Meet The Moose

Hey, I’m Andy 👋

Or affectionately known as “The Moose”!

I built the Bodies By Moose Academy because I was sick of seeing hard working guys like you be misled with cheap marketing gimmicks by snake-oil salesmen.

You know the type, promising the world but delivering jack sh*t.

Well, with my 11 years experience in the fitness industry and 7 years experience coaching thousands of clients to achieve incredible results, I decided it was time to bring what I have to say to the world.

Here in the Academy we specialise in helping people build muscle, no matter what they’ve tried before. Check out the results below to see how we do things here…

Meet The Moose

Some Of Our Success Stories…


“After training on my on for a while I started to lose the ambition to get in better shape and training became a task. Andy helped me get back on track, improving my strength and changing my workouts so that I enjoyed training again. The progress I have made has given me a huge boost in confidence to improve further. Andy is a great coach, very well organised and is always there whenever I need any training/nutritional advice.”


“When I started working with Andy I had signed up for a tough mudder competition, which gave us about 6 months to completely sort me out. We had a really good 6 months and I saw a massive change. My fitness levels went through the roof, my mental attitude to every day life was a ton better”.

Lauren – UKBFF North East Wellness Champion 2019

“I’ve been working with Andy for over a year now and he’s been an amazing coach.

He helped me win my first UKBFF wellness show in August and was great throughout prep making sure I was on track with regular communication and check ins – his help & insight have been invaluable”.


“If you’re like I was, telling yourself your going to start training, but next week “from Monday” but you don’t, then suddenly the weeks are flying by and you keep putting it off, then before you know it your in your 30’s and you did nothing, maybe a couple of half arsed gym sessions or a jog to the shop for some beers.

You need that extra push, somebody to teach you how to train and turn your life around, Andy Clements basically took me back to square one. This guy’s knowledge is incredible, forget what you think you know and let this guy guide you through your training I guarantee you will see results.”


“I’ve learned a lot, not just about muscles & what each muscle does but about diet, sleep, managing stress, everything really.

I’ve not only increased my muscle mass, I’ve achieved a lot mentally as well. My confidence has gone sky high, I don’t feel like a slob anymore, I have a sense of direction & something to look forward to, most people dread working out, I can’t wait to get back in the gym”.


“I’ve always considered Andy as an exquisite physique coach, however as a rugby league player and power lifter, I’ve been performance based rather than wanting a great physique – so I thought I’d throw Andy a curveball and ask him to put me a strength program together.

Of course he accepted the challenge and as always, he delivered the goods. A killer (and incredibly well and professionally put together) program that helped me in all my weaker areas and has had a huge impact on my recent performances, nothing is ever too much for him & he’s always willing to go above and beyond to help his clients in every way possible.

Cannot thank the man enough. Awesome coach with a great variety of knowledge and an all round great guy!”


“Since moving into strongman competitions, Andy has sorted my diet out, given me strength goals to work towards every week and my strength has improved drastically. My deadlift has improved by 120KG, and my bench and squat have improved by 40-50KG as well. From training with Andy I have an actual goal for every single session. I no longer go in the gym and throw a weight around for 3 sets of 10, I’m actually working on what I need to work on. I competed in Doncaster’s strongest man this year and after only 4 months of training placed 6th out of 16. I’d highly recommend training with Andy.”

Get Instant Access To The Bodies By Moose Academy Today…

Ready to dive in and start building more muscle than you’ve ever built before in less time? Choose your option below and get instant access to everything inside The Bodies By Moose Academy:

Normal Price: £19.99/Month

Your Price: £14.99/Month

Choose Your Option:

Pay Monthly

  • 1 Week Free Trial, No Obligation – Cancel Anytime

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  • BEST VALUE: Save £29.98

Any Questions?

We get questions about the Academy all the time – so to put your mind at ease before joining, here’s a few of our Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: Are There Any Training Programs Included In The Academy?

A: Yes! There are 6 weeks worth of training programs included in the training course alone (you’ll find them in module 3). However, we also have over 50 workouts in the “Workout Library” so you’ll never be stuck for a workout plan again!

Q: Is The Academy Suitable For Beginners?

A: We absolutely cater for beginners, yes. If you’ve never set foot in a gym before the Training Course will teach you everything you need to know to attack an effective workout plan with confidence, and the nutrition section will help you fuel a growing physique! However, if you’re a little more experienced we can still help as our more advanced masterclasses will be aimed at pushing you to the next level.

Q: Are There Any Diet Plans Included In The Academy?

A: While we don’t recommend a “blanket approach” to nutrition in the form of diet plans (there’s no one size fits all approach that works for everyone), we do provide a number of sample diet plans to show you how to run particular diets in the Strategies module of the Nutrition course.

Q: I Often Struggle With Exercise Technique. Is There Any Help With This?

A: Our Exercise Database has this covered! Inside the database you’ll find over 120 different exercise videos, complete with coaching from yours truly so you know exactly how to perform every single movement you ever need in the gym.

Q: Is There Any Ongoing Support?

A: Yep! We have a member’s only community section that gives you constant support in the form of access to me, access to your fellow members, any questions you have answered, monthly live coaching calls and more. We’d love to see you in there!

Q: What Happens If I Want To Cancel?

A: We’ll be sad to see you go! But we’re not one of those membership sites that makes it like a “Where’s Wally” exercise to find the cancel button. Just head to your account page you’ll be able to cancel, no extra charges and no hassle!

Q: Do I Need A Gym Membership?

A: You don’t need a gym membership – we have tons of home workout plans in the workout library! However, as a general recommendation – if you’re serious about building muscle you should probably get access to decent equipment – which is usually in a gym!

Q: I’ve Never Been To A Gym Before. Can I Still Benefit From The Academy?

A: Of course! We pride ourselves on our ability to help beginners here in the Bodies By Moose Academy. Our extensive courses meet you where you’re at right now and take you through the process of building muscle and becoming a training expert step by step. This is the place for you!

Q: I’ve Already Been Training For A While. What Can The Academy Do For Me?

A: Great Question! The Bodies By Moose Academy can level up your training even if you’ve been going to the gym for years. Not only will our extensive Training & Nutrition courses fill in any gaps you may have in your knowledge, but our Masterclasses will dive incredibly deep on certain topics which will be perfect for more advanced guys looking to level up their training.

If there’s anything we haven’t answered or any concerns/questions you still have about the academy, please email andy@bodiesbymoose.com & I’ll personally answer any questions you have!

If You’re Confused About Where To Start Or Frustrated With Your Lack Of Progress In The Gym, The Bodies By Moose Academy Is The Place For You…

Here at the Bodies By Moose Academy, we cut through the confusion and give you the clear, practical tips, advice and strategies to build an incredible physique – no matter what you’ve tried before.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Academy today and let’s get started building more muscle & strength than ever before.

Get Instant Access To The Bodies By Moose Academy Today…

Ready to dive in and start building more muscle than you’ve ever built before in less time? Choose your option below and get instant access to everything inside The Bodies By Moose Academy:

Normal Price: £19.99/Month

Your Price: £14.99/Month

Choose Your Option:

Pay Monthly

  • 1 Week Free Trial, No Obligation – Cancel Anytime

Pay Annually

  • BEST VALUE: Save £29.98