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Do You Want To Build A Great Physique, Supercharge Your Energy Levels And Transcend Anxiety & Depression With A Bulletproof Mindset?

Bodies By Moose Is Your Blueprint.

My name’s Andy Clements, and I’ve been helping men & women transform their physiques for more than 6 years now.
And the biggest realisation I’ve had in that time is that there is an intimate link between the body and the mind.
What we do to the body affects the mind, and what we do to the mind affects the body.
That’s why it’s our job to master both. We can’t simply get in great shape and ignore our mental health, nor can we neglect our physical shape and meditate all day.
I built Bodies By Moose as a blueprint, to show you exactly how to master your training, nutrition and mindset, so you can train, eat and live to your full potential.

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We have three main learning modules, Training, Nutrition and Mindset. All supported with our Exercise Database, Weekly Workouts and unique articles.

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Why Choose Bodies by Moose?

Here’s what our happy subscribers had to say about our course:

I’ve not only increased my muscle mass, I’ve achieved a lot mentally as well. My confidence has gone sky high, I don’t feel like a slob anymore, I have a sense of direction & something to look forward to.


I’ve been working with Andy for over a year now and he’s been an amazing coach.

He helped me win my first UKBFF wellness show in August and was great throughout prep making sure I was on track with regular communication and check ins – his help & insight have been invaluable.

Lauren, UKBFF North East Wellness Champion 2019

“In 1 year I’ve managed to lose 3 and a half stone, gone from a size 36 waist to a size 28 and I feel fantastic, full of energy and much more confident in myself. It hasn’t been an easy journey – but when is it? I’ve had some great support from my family and Andy along the way.”


If you’re like I was, telling yourself your going to start training, but next week “from Monday” but you don’t, then suddenly the weeks are flying by and you keep putting it off, then before you know it your in your 30’s and you did nothing, maybe a couple of half arsed gym sessions or a jog to the shop for some beers.

You need that extra push, somebody to teach you how to train and turn your life around, Andy Clements & Bodies By Moose basically took me back to square one. This guy’s knowledge is incredible, forget what you think you know and let this guy guide you through your training I guarantee you will see results.”


“It’s great to have something I can jump in and out of, and if I think of a question I know where to find the answer.

I love the exercise database and the information on mental health is great, it’s just not something you see people doing.

Once again mate, great job!”


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Train, Eat & Live To Your Full Potential

Level Up Your Mindset and Build An Incredible Physique with Bodies By Moose.

We teach young men & women how to empower their lives by developing strong and resilient bodies & minds. Our extensive online course gives you everything you need to make the right choices, for the right reasons. Read, listen and watch, as we dive deep into areas that most courses don’t care to go. Leaving no stone unturned, Bodies By Moose will teach you how to eat, train and live to your full potential.

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